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4 reasons that your android battery life decreases

4 reasons that your android battery life decreases

What to do when the android phone battery life decreases rapidly?

It is fully charged before going out in the morning. Even more serious, there was a “vital injury” in the night after standby, and the power failure exceeded 50%! There is always the urge to crash!

What the hell is going on? Why is the power consumption becomes higher?

Reason 1: False battery percentage

The existence of false battery percentage in the mobile phone means that when you turn on the phone, it displays the fully charged state. But after you turn off the phone and connect to the charger, you find that the battery level is only about 80%.

The Android system generally judges the battery level based on the battery voltage, and the voltage has two recognition modes.

One is software recognition, that is, the power displayed on the phone after you boot into the system. The other is hardware recognition. That is, the power displayed on the phone after the charger is connected without turning on the power

Software recognition usually has a higher voltage than hardware recognition. So it will appear that we are fully charged when we turn it on. After we turn it off and connect to the charger, we find that there is actually only 80% or even less power. It needs to charge for a longer time!

In fact, we often do not fully charge the mobile phone. This is wasting part of the battery capacity, Eventually we will feel that the battery power is falling fast!


Check your phone for battery percentage first. It is fully charged when you turn it on. And then it turns off before connecting the charger to see if it is fully charged. If there is a false battery percentage, turn it off and then use it again. See whether if it will still power down fast!

Be aware of this cliché. One disadvantage of Android system is that the program will automatically run in the background after the program exits. And if no problem with mobile phones, these background programs are often the biggest culprit of power consumption!

There are also the screen brightness of the phone itself, wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc., and other settings. These small things that seem inconspicuous are actually power-hungry.


  1. Go to Phone Settings-Application Management-Running, forcibly close unwanted programs!
  2. Turn down the screen brightness of the mobile phone. Turn off wifi, Bluetooth, etc. when not in use, turn off key sounds, key vibration, and other power consumption settings.
  3. Think about whether you have recently installed a program. Uninstall it first, and see if the phone ’s power consumption returns to normal. Many small programs we have ignored have actually consumed a lot of power!

Reason 2: Signal strength

When the signal is not good, the phone will automatically switch between 2G / 3G / 4G networks, resulting in increased power consumption and faster power consumption!

And the different network standards of mobile phones are also the key to affecting power consumption. The ranking of power consumption: 4G> 3G> 2G.


When the network environment is not good, go to [Settings]> Wireless & Networks> [Mobile Network]> [Network Mode], set the mobile phone network to “Use 2G / 3G”, wait until a good signal Switch back when you are in a place, which can effectively reduce the power consumption of your phone!

Reason 3: The distance of the Android phone from the base station

A mobile phone connects to a network signal by transmiting the signal. And then the mobile terminal transmits and receives the signal to the base station.

When the network environment of the terminal mobile phone is good, the mobile phone only needs a small transmit power. And the base station can easily receive the mobile phone signal;

And when the network environment of the terminal is poor or unstable, the mobile phone must increase the transmit power so that the base station can receive the signal accurately. Naturally, it also increases the power consumption of the mobile phone!


If you want to save power and the signal is not good, try to turn off the mobile network first. If you want to use the network, try to find a wide area with better signal.

Reaosn 4: Android Battery aging

Most of the current smart phones use lithium batteries, and the average life of lithium batteries is 2-3 years. After 400-500 times of charging and discharging, it will accelerate the aging rate and become less durable.

Our daily incorrect use of mobile phone batteries can easily cause battery aging and reduced battery life.


Proper use of mobile phone battery is the best way to extend battery life.

Regarding the correct use and maintenance of mobile phone batteries, professors have sated in detail in other articles.

The question now is, how do we judge whether the cell phone battery is aging?

  1. If the android phone battery has been used for about a year, and you follow the usual usage habits, the mobile phone is fully charged quickly, and the power consumption also becomes faster, then it is likely to have started to age;
  2. Check to see if the battery has bulges. If there are bulges, it means that the battery is not only aging, but that the battery is no longer available. For safety, you should change the battery quickly;
  3. After using the mobile phone for a period of time, the body of the battery keeps getting hot, so it is necessary to change the battery as soon as possible;
  4. In the general mobile phone settings, you can view the battery status of the mobile phone. If you can’t find it, you can also use software to judge, such as “Smart King”, enter the program, you can view the relevant information of the battery, whether the battery is normal or what is wrong is clear At the same time, you can also see the power consumption of each program of the mobile phone!

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