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Finding Iphone Repair Malaysia? Try iFull

Finding Iphone Repair Malaysia? Try iFull

iPhone has been well-known for its quality properties and its durability since the first day it launched. Thus, it is common that iPhone users tend to use iPhone without maintenance for a very long time. However, problems occur when the machines are lacking of maintenance such as lagging and others. Users should keep an eye on their iPhone condition in order to keep it long-lasting. Now, what situation would you need to seek help from iPhone Repair Malaysia iFull?

Battery Life Decreases Significantly

Battery life of an iPhone is always a noticeable problem for its users especially for heavy gamer. Although iPhone battery life is no long lasting, iPhone is still usually able to sustain a day for normal users . What if you did not do much things using your iPhone and with save battery mode but its battery life still cannot sustain half a day? This is a strong indicator that tells you it is time to give your phone a maintenance.

battery life decrease rapidly

Wifi Network Speed Too Slow

Did you notice that even though you connect to a 5GHz WiFi near to your iPhone, but the network speed is still very slow. Even watching a 360p video makes your iPhone struggle a lot, and texting your friends with Social Media such as Wechat and Facebook becomes a difficulty? This issue happens mostly after iPhone users have accidentally drop their iPhone and damage the WiFi signal receiver. With a malfunction WiFi receiver, undoubtedly the WiFi network speed will decrease at large scale even though you connect it within the strongest signal area.

wifi speed too slow

Internal Screen Crack

A cellphone’s screen generally has two major parts, the actual LCD and the glass. The glass covers the LCD, providing protection against accidental damage and occasionally acting as a digitizer on touch screen phones. While the glass may be easy to replace on many phone models, if your phone has a crack on the LCD, repairing the device will require that you take it almost completely apart. For no-professionals, it is advice to seek help from repair shop.

Internal screen crack

Overheat Issue

All iPhones will overheat once in a while due to intensive playing of applications or camera, this is very common. However, if iPhone is frequently overheating even in using non-consuming apps such as Whatsapp and game like Cut the Rope, there might be something wrong. Do not ignore this condition because it not only cause your phone battery percentage decrease rapidly, it will also damage the internal components.

iPhone overheat without reason

Malfunction Motherboard

Malfunctioning motherboard is not common for most of the iPhone users. Thus, many users could not tell what happen to their iPhone even though they sent to repair shop. There are few symptoms that your iPhone motherboard might be malfunctioning. The first one is that you can’t connect WiFi or Bluetooth when your setting is on. The second one is that the iPhone screen won’t turn off when you pick up call. Moreover, you can try checking the SIM card status. If iPhone can’t read the SIM card, the motherboard is very likely malfunctioning.

Malfunction motherboard condition

iPhone Repair Malaysia iFull

Are you facing the above issues and not sure where to get help? You can Whatsapp iPhone Repair Malaysia iFull now at +60189887039. Alternatively, you can fill in our booking form and our friendly customer service will contact you shortly. iFull offers affordable price and excellent service for customers. iFull has over 10 years of experience and pay full attention on customer satisfaction. Therefore, you can rely on us to repair your iPhone without worries.


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