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iPhone Camera: Super Night Mode on iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone Camera: Super Night Mode on iPhone 11 Pro

The best highlight of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series is to improve the camera, especially night shot. This iPhone 11 camera upgrade is not only to enhance from the lens. But also to add a night shot mode to the new machine. In order to improve the iPhone’s camera on long-time shooting in low-light environments. There will be serious noise, noise, heavy grain, blur and not bright enough. What is the difference between the effects of not shooting overnight?

This is not including the comparison of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max, mainly because the two night shots are exactly the same as the iPhone 11 Pro; as for the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS has the same details as the iPhone X. There won’t be any significant differences, and the iPhone X and iPhone 11 Pro night shots.

iPhone X vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison: night shot effect shot

This focus metering point clicks on the left side of the monster village lantern. The difference in night shooting effect is obvious.

In the monster village road, the actual lighting will not be very bright. But under the iPhone 11 Pro night shooting mode blessing, the dark part is clearer. The detail sharpness increases, and the vividness is richer. It feels like the whole street is very Bright, actually very dark.

Since the iPhone X does not have the iPhone XS Smart HDR feature, it will make the lantern highlights shine. But the iPhone 11 Pro has improvement in the new generation of smart HDR. The lantern seems to have a distinct gradient. The details of the roof can also be Seeing clearly and somewhat shaped design, the image is sharp and clear.

On the outside of the big road, there is a horror movie atmosphere. The actual scene will be the same as the iPhone X. But with the iPhone 11 Pro night shooting function, the original black forest will become brighter. The details are more obvious, and even the gradual sense is clear.

After reading the above comparison chart, did you find that the iPhone 11 series night shot effect has been greatly improved?

However, the night mode is only supported by the newly added super wide-angle lens. Mainly because the lens aperture is not large enough (only F2.4 aperture). Moreover, the wide-angle lens has reached F1.8 aperture, so that it can match the night mode to make such an attractive night.

By the way, why the iPhone 11 series switched to super wide-angle lens can’t have the night shot function? It is mainly because the aperture of the iPhone 11 super wide-angle lens is F2.4. The light entering is less, even the algorithmic HDR is still unable to improve the dark part. There is no anti-shake feature, the photo becomes blur when slightly unstable movement occurs.

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