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Apple iOS 13 New Voice-Command Control: No Hands-on Interaction

Apple iOS 13 New Voice-Command Control: No Hands-on Interaction

Apple is pushing iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina for greater accessibility. In the WWDC keynote, the official showcases a video about accessibility, where Ian Mackay, a disabled rider in the video, uses the Mac and iPhone to communicate effortlessly and successfully organized a wild ride using the voice-command function.

Innovations of Voice-over Command

Apple iOS 13 New Voice-Assisted Control: No Hands-on Interaction

Apple is providing better ways for people with disabilities to interact with devices and this is an important part of making it easier for everyone to move into the technology world. One of the mind-blowing functions is the voice-command.

With the introduction of the new version of the system, users can easily control the device by adding voice-commands. Diversified voice commands allow more users to do more with mobile phones or keyboard input. In this way, users can perform gestures such as opening an app, typing, navigating, pulling down or even zooming, clicking etc. by voice directly.

The foreign media apple insider tried the new supportive function on the iPhone 6S after the iOS 13 developer beta. They said that the voice command was executed quite smoothly. This is based on Apple’s further enhancement of speech recognition technology, so you don’t have to feel surprised.

Voice-command Notification

Apple iOS 13 New Voice-Assisted Control: No Hands-on Interaction

The iPhone will visually confirm when it executes relevant instructions. A small text bubble flashes at the top of the screen to let the user see what action the device is performing. For example, when users execute the voice command of “Open Weather App”, the iPhone interface will display the word “Open Weather” on top. Similarly, the navigation page indicates that the scrolling is scrolled up or down, and the corresponding action words are also displayed on the bubble.

Apple iOS 13 New Voice-Assisted Control: No Hands-on Interaction

Helpful Voice-command List

This function also has a simple learning curve built in. If you can’t remember some commands, there is a command list in the supportive function menu. You can return to view the previously used commands, or you can See what basic instructions are available.

Apple iOS 13 New Voice-Assisted Control: No Hands-on Interaction

Of course, enabling voice-command in the beta will result in faster power consumption, but its role is still important. Apple is paying more and more attention to the refinement and enhancement of accessibility. This action is to make sure that more people can interact in more ways, including the iPad’s mouse control support. There will be a lot of people who prefer to use the iPad because of mouse control. Just like using the iPhone with voice control, whether they are special people or ordinary people.

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