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6 Hidden Features in Iphone that you barely know !

6 Hidden Features in Iphone that you barely know !

It is estimated that the average person only uses about 10% of all the functions provided by the iPhone that many of whom are not aware of it. These are the 6 iPhone features and recommendations for users may not know.

1. Get reminders by location
6 Hidden Features in Iphone that you barely know !

You may already know the Siri feature, a personal assistant that can be activated by sound and can be used to set a time-based reminder. For example, “Siri, remind me to call my brother at 4 pm”.

But do you know? You can also set location-based reminders by simply saying “When I go home, remind me to call my mother.” This way, this reminder notification will be received once you get to your door.

But if you haven’t set it up in advance, in order for this feature to work, you need to enter a contact information card that creates some personal information, including your name, address, and family relationship (for example, who your brother is).

Similarly, you can set this up before you walk into the mall: “Remind me to go petrol station when I leave here.” This way, you will receive this notification when you drive away.

2. Turn e-books into audio books

Like most smartphones, iPhones also have multiple accessibility options. One of the features is called “Speak Screen”. It can read any text on the screen according to your instructions.

Although this feature is primarily designed for the visually impaired, anyone can use this feature to turn an e-book into an audio book. Now, you can already listen to audio books when you go to work and off work, or when you close your eyes in bed or jog on the street.

To activate this feature, go to Phone Settings, then click General, then Accessibility, then Voice, and then activate Screen Reading. Then, whether you’re using any app, just swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen to hear what’s on the screen, whether it’s an e-book, email, article, or note.

You can also adjust the sound of reading aloud (reading a person’s gender, language), speaking speed, and so on.

3. Use 3D touch screen (3D Touch)

Newcomers to the iPhone may not know the 3D Touch stereo touchscreen feature in the 2015 and 2016 versions of the iPhone. In short, this feature can help you to get more things done in limited time. Just press and hold the mobile app icon or notification to see a list of shortcuts that can be used.

For example, press and hold the camera icon on the main screen to select options for self-timer, video recording, slow-motion video, and more. Even when the iPhone is locked, you can press and hold the notification and you’ll see some handy options, such as replying to a newsletter, without having to unlock your phone.

Try experimenting with 3D Touch on a variety of apps and find fun.

4. Have a hidden track-pad

The following situation is familiar: you are editing a newsletter, email, or reminder note, but you need to change the input before sending or saving. When this happens with a new iPhone, just hold down the keyboard and the cursor will automatically change to a mouse track-pad.

Now press your finger or thumb on the screen and drag the cursor to the portion of the text you want to adjust, then release it; if you need to highlight a portion of the text, just tap it with a little force and continue to swipe your finger and drag.

5. This is a flatbed scanner

Many applications, such as Microsoft’s free office lens, can turn your smartphone into a flatbed scanner.

Just take a picture, a whiteboard or a blackboard, a receipt or a business card and you can instantly digitize it onto your phone.

Once imported, you can not only crop each document, but also print it. After using the automatic recognition function of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, the text can also be modified by hand, the text is searched by keywords, and the digitized text is copied, edited and shared. If needed, you can also import the scanned content into an Office application (Word, PowerPoint, OneNote), save it to Microsoft OneDrive or other cloud storage, or convert it to a PDF document.

6. Telephone recording

Although it takes a special application app to record the phone, many people still like the idea of ​​recording the call content.

The “TapeACall”, which costs $7.99 a year, is a special app that lets you easily record calls, whether you’re already connected or on the phone. Once the recording is complete, the recording will be displayed immediately, please save or share.

When you want to record, just open the app, then tap the big red record button, then tap Add call (merge), dial or select a name from the contacts. After the call is disconnected, the time-stamped recording is immediately downloaded from secure server of “TapeACall” to your phone.

Click on the recording to listen to it, or share it via SMS, email, cloud account, social media, and more.

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