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Huawei Battery Life: Tips to extend it

Huawei Battery Life: Tips to extend it

HUAWEI battery life is one of the issues that HUAWEI company focuses to give a better smartphone experience. HUAWEi frequently comes out with high-end smartphone such as HUAWEI p30 and mid-range smartphone such as Honor 8X every year. More and more users are switching to HUAWEI due to its functionality and customer-friendly price. However, HUAWEI’s battery life is not enough to sustain a day per charge especially mid-range phone. Here are some tips that you can do with your HUAWEI if you need to extend battery life.


HUAWEI P9 Lite is used as example (EMUI 5.0)

Step 1: Go to settings

Access settings by notification panel

Setting in control panel

Step 2: Search for “Battery”

Tap on the “Battery” option. If you could not find the option, try search it in the “advanced option”

Battery option in settings

Step 3: Turn on power saving mode

The power saving mode will extend HUAWEI battery for few hours. By turning on this mode, some of the default settings will be changed. For example, the system will reduce the on-screen time to 10 seconds when you turn on the power saving mode. This is to reduce the power used by screen to extend the battery life.

HUAWEI power saving mode

Notice that there is a “Ultra Power Saving” below the ordinary power saving mode. This mode extends battery life greatly by limiting at most 6 apps can be used only. While the background wallpaper will be completely black.

Step 4: Turn on low resolution power saving

This option lowers the screen resolution in order to extend the battery life. You can still browse through many social media and watching more movies with an unnoticeable lower resolution. Although you might see the option of FHD (1080p) option available, HUAWEI os will control the screen to display media with this lower resolution.

HUAWEI low resolution power saving

Step 5: Enable “Close apps after screen locks”

Tap on the option

HUAWEI close background app

Select which app you wish to close after screen locks

One of the reasons that reduces battery life is because of background apps running without cleaning. There are some apps that do not need to close after screen locks such as Whatsapp and other social media. However, alternative apps like games and maps that consumed power should not run in the background when you won’t use it later.

By following the steps above, your HUAWEI battery life can extend to 1 day use per charge. This estimation is varied with different battery capacity. Battery capacity with 4000mAH should be able to sustain from morning to night per chagre.

Is your HUAWEI battery life still short even though you have enabled to above settings? It might be the battery problem and cannot be solved with system settings. It is a signal that tells you, the HUAWEI needs a new battery replacement.

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