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Huawei Camera Features

Huawei Camera Features

Huawei smartphone is well-known with its camera features that could compete with professional camera. This is due to the camera algorithm contributed by Huawei Technology Department. As the camera hardware quality increases, users can easily take high quality photo with the Huawei smartphone. This has caused a trend that more and more people starting to take picture with their smartphones instead of conventional camera that is heavy and inconvenient. More importantly, users are able to share photo instantly on their social media.

These are some camera features on the latest Huawei smartphone.

Monochrome Mode: Brings back your memory in black and white

Huawei can easily capture black and white photo with monochrome mode. It is very suitable to capture artistic photo.


Time-laps Mode: Time flies

This camera mode is best using in bright background where it would capture more details. By placing smartphone steadily for a long time,shooting, the final product gives the impression of that time is compressed.

time-lapse huawei

Aperture Mode: Focus on one thing

With the aperture mode, users are able to shoot picture with blur effects like SLR camera. This function is mainly to highlight the subject by blurring the background. Moreover, the larger the aperture blurs more content on the background.

huawei aperture mode

Super Night Mode: Capture details in dark

Super night mode does not just brighten the subjects but also able to capture objects in the dark. It can display details of the image and improve overall brightness without losing quality and capturing noises.

huawei super night mode

Super Slow Mode: Record everything in a second

Huawei P20 began to have 6-axis anti-shake, and there is a considerable improvement in stability. In addition to recording 4K movies, 960fps slow motion video has been added. Furthermore, you can only record up to 0.25 seconds at a time, and you can play back for 10 seconds by slowing down the output.

Light painting

Huawei cameras usually have a “streaming shutter” function, which is lacking in many camera phones. This function can shoot scenes such as car flow track, silk water, light painting, star track, etc. In addition to keeping the phone stable, users might need to think some techniques to take impressive picture.

huawei light painting

Pro mode: Adjust the details as you like

Pro mode enable users to adjust the settings such as ISO, white balance, exposure value and more. This mode gives the freedom to users on capturing picture like a professional. By mastering every setting in the pro mode, users can capture photo like SLR camera does.

huawei pro mode
huawei pro mode

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