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How can you know your iPhone Gps Malfunction?

How can you know your iPhone Gps Malfunction?

Nowadays,, people are getting more and more dependent on the smartphone in their daily life. A smartphone is no longer an expensive luxury that used to call only, but also acts as our personal consultant. An iPhone can be a health tracker, global maps, navigator. Especially GPS, which is one of the important functions in iPhone. . Thus, when the GPS starts showing inaccurate location and other weird signal, it troubles a lot of iPhone users. We will introduce some of the symptoms of GPS malfunction

iPhone GPS

Inaccurate Real-time Location

This problem depends on a few factors such as network connectivity. In some circumstances, the network connectivity in the area is so awful that the GPS cannot locate the exact location at all. Other than that, it depends on position of satellite to transfer and receive data, there will be some location having poorer connectivity to the satellite. However, if your iPhone is in the city or town without connectivity issue, it simply means that GPS malfunction. Remember to allow Maps to access your location before you tell that your iPhone has GPS malfunction.

iPhone GPS

No GPS Signal at all

This is a very obvious symptom that tells you iPhone GPS has problem. You can discover it by opening GPS or maps and try to locate your current position. There will be no location shown in the map if there is no GPS signal

False Location Provided by GPS

This symptom is that your iPhone gets different location every time you try to find your location on the map. You can check whether it is apps glitch or not by uninstalling and installing again. If the problem still exists, it is likely indicating GPS malfunction.

GPS Won’t Locate Completely

You can identify this by opening Google map of iPhone default map and tap the “locate” button. If you find that there is no response despite you keep pressing it, it shows that GPS malfunction exist in your iPhone.

Unable to Navigate with GPS

Its normal that GPS needs network to work properly. Hence, you should check your Internet connection if your GPS isn’t working at first. Then, try to change it to data connection. if there is no improvement in showing fluent navigation on the map, its likely GPS malfunction occurs.

iPhone GPS error

Apps that Relate with GPS Stop Working

This issue is relatively common for iPhone 6/6s users. In some cases, its just the problem of GPS apps that show glitches in the apps. You can try to restart your iPhone, and check again if the problem still exists. However, you have tried to install multiple GPS related apps and most of them stop working, your should send your iPhone to repair.

iPhone restart

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