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Ways to solve iPhone overheating warning

Ways to solve iPhone overheating warning

Every year, the temperature is constantly rising in the summer, and even reaches a high temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. This situation will also cause the iPhone to be overheated and the “iPhone can be used again after cooling” warning screen, but How to solve these? How to avoid it?

The iPhone Overheating Warning Screen Appears

The reason that this message appears, it is not due to newer iOS version.
The warning is mainly because when the temperature of the iPhone and iPad is too high, the protection mechanism in the device will be activated, note that most of the heat generated is from the battery. If the phone is left inside the pocket when outside weather is too hot, the body heat will affect the iPhone indirectly making the device becomes hotter. When the device exceeds 35° C, there will be a warning reminder that “the iPhone can be used again after cooling”. It may be caused by several reasons.
• iPhone is placed on the frame and charged while navigating, plus direct sunlight
• Turn on the video mode for a long time
• Use equipment in direct sunlight or in a hot environment under the sun
• Long-term execution requires a lot of high-performance games
• Watching movies for a long time
• Turn on hotspot sharing for a long time while playing games and watching videos
• Use of a poorly heat-resistant protective case, protective cover or envelope
• Stay in a hot, hot car for a long time
• Use the plugin that runs continuously in the background and forget to close, causing the app or game to continue to execute in the background (jailbreaking device)

iphone overheating warning

How to solve it?

How to solve it?
Assume that you are accustomed to play a large game that consumes resources while charging the iPhone, you will get a iPhone overheating warning that the iPhone can be used again after cooling. If the iPhone cannot adjust its internal temperature, it will automatically enter the deep sleep mode. When you see this warning message, you should stop using the device immediately and leave it in a cool place until it cools down.
Some of the users whimsically said to put it in the refrigerator to cool down, this action will cause equipment damage. It is because the cold air in the refrigerator causes water to condense, and it will turn into water in the hot air outside and damage the chip. As a result of wafer damage, the amount of money spent for repairs can be more expensive.

Ways to solve iPhone overheating warning

iPhone Device Optimal Temperature

Apple’s ideal temperature range for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch ranges from 16° to 22° C (62° to 72° F), and must be avoided in environments above 35° C (95° F).

 iPhone Device Optimal Temperature

If the device stays in a high temperature for long term used, it will permanently damage the battery’s storage capacity. It will also cause the iOS system to limit the charge to only 80%. It can only be suspended or charged, and then placed in a cool, ventilated place to cool down. This is to avoid the equipment in a high temperature state, causing damage to electronic products and batteries which further accelerate the aging speed of the device.
In addition, be careful not to buy non-original or MFi certified transmission charging equipment, this product will also cause certain damage to the equipment, and try to avoid using the power extension cord to match the charging, such as the real key with the recommended purchase Extension line for overload protection device certification.

Low-cost Protective Casing

There are also some users who may find that when the iPhone is charging, it will show that the iPhone overheating warning oddly and it needs to be cooled down before using. If the iPhone is equip with protective case, take the it out, and wait for a while to cool the device down before installing protection case back on the device. Pay special attention to some low quality and cheap protective case. Cheap protective case which will cause poor heat dissipation, and the quality of the materials used are also quite low. Even BPA (bisphenol A) plasticizer carcinogens are added, which is to prevent It from scratch. If it is used for a long time, it will directly enter the blood vessel through human skin. It will cause obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

If the iPhone still experiences overheating issues, it might be the battery is aging. In this case, the iPhone should be sent to repair before internal equipment get damaged. If you are worrying about your iPhone’s conditions, iFull provides services including iPhone repair and battery replacement, click here for more information and booking info.


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