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iPhone Processor: The Performance of A13 Bionic

iPhone Processor: The Performance of A13 Bionic

A13 Bionic iPhone Processor

The hardware measurement media AnandTech made a comprehensive hardware test evaluation for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. After the actual measurement, it was concluded that Apple’s new A13 iPhone processor performance was 20% faster than A12. This data confirmed the official published test data performance.

After testing the performance of the A13’s graphics processor GPU, its performance is close to Apple’s published test data. The performance improvement of nearly 20%. Moreover, according to GFXBench graphics benchmark data, the iPhone 11 Pro’s continuous performance score increase by 50% to 60% compared to iPhone X. This performance is a surprise for many iPhone fans who like to play games. Besides, it will also help to avoid the problem of poor heat dissipation caused by excessive use of mobile phones.

A13 Processor performance

As for the comprehensive test performance, AnandTech’s hardware testers believe that the performance of the Apple A13 is twice that of the A12. The performance of the A13 is comparable to that of Intel and AMD’s desktop processors. This means that the phone processor is getting close to desktop Intel i-series. We expect that iPhone might be able to perform computer works in the future.


Other than that, the photo shooting performance and battery life of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro have a significant improvements as well. We expected that Apple will always try to boost their camera performance and battery life of iPhone. This is to ensure that iPhone can still compete with other Android phone in the marke. After all, Apple upgraded the iPhone cameras from 2 to 3, and the performance is definitely not bad. Furthuermore,its battery life has an obvious improvement at the same time. It is mostly due to the use of L-type single cells.


Apple’s unique A series iPhone processor and its own unique iOS system, provides smooth iOS experience for users. Even if used for a long time, the system’s fluency is still very good. This is what holds the mind of Apple users. Despite this, Apple is still improving its performance development, which is enough to keep it in a leading position.

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