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iPhone Screen Time Control in iOS 12

iPhone Screen Time Control in iOS 12

When Jobs launched the iPhone, he did realize that “revolutionary products will change everything. Now everyone can browse social networking sites, work contacts, information, entertainment games, etc. through mobile phones. Their life might get distraction from gaming and browsing social network, causing most of the time to spend on these unimportant things, resulting in mobile phone addiction. Therefore, Apple thinks about the user’s addiction. To solve the problem of mobile phone addiction, a new feature which is iPhone Screen Time has been added to iOS 12. This is to allow users to manage the use of App time and Parents can control iPhone usage time of their children.

iPhone Screen Usage Time

If you want to control your screen usage time, you need to have an apps or tracker that show the actual usage statistics. The iOS 12 system has secretly tracked the habits used by users. For the previous version of iOS, you can only check the battery usage for certain activities such as apps battery percentage consumption and simple screen display statistics which may not display exact screen usage time to users.

The new iPhone screen usage time has improved this not very clear statistic data. The original App power consumption status has independently developed to become an important function of using the screen.Furthermore, the main function menu will show the recent day’s usage and the total time of the mobile phone. Accordingly, this allows us to know our time spent on iPhone.

Screen time in iOS 12

The statistical report can also display the device information that linked with Apple ID. If you want to spend more time in the application within the 24 hours or in the past 7 days. In the statistical reports, the record will show a section of 4 hours.

Screen time in 1 day

If the users change the time section to 7 days, then the report will show the usage in one week, with each strip representing a day. Each long bar contains stacks with different colours. This is only the integration of the day’s statistics. With the information together, simply looking at the chart might be a bit complicated, but you can use the long press to find out the total time spent on the phone.

Users learn more about the most usually used app usage time by scrolling down. It is more interesting to pick up the time frequency and the highest pick up frequency. For those who get used to power on the screen from time to time to check incoming message, you may feel shocked the first time you read the statistics. There are also the number of notification messages, and you can further analyse which app always pop-up notification message. If you find that a large number of pop-up messages are not particularly important or most of them are advertising messages is in the top 3 of the lists, you should consider to turn off app notifications. How do you adjust which App notifications should be turned off or on? Learn in detail through the notification message setting tips.

iPhone Screen Usage Time: Downtime

Setting Downtime in iOS 12

For those who like to browse Facebook, gaming and others before bed time will likely affect the sleep time. In a bid to solve this problem, you can turn on the “downtime” function and set up start and end time. For instance, if your bedtime is 11.00pm, then you can set the start time to 11:00, the end time can be set to wake up in the morning.

Setting time for iPhone downtime

When the user activates “downtime” function, the “time limit” mode will pop up immediately. Next, the entire iPhone screen will change to a dark colour. A funnel icon will appear on the left side of the App name. Only some basic apps will remain available. At the same time, the system will restrict most of the apps..

Home page display after setting downtime, some apps are restricted

At this point, if you want to force the App to open, it will show that the you have reached your limit.. However, the actual limit is somehow user-friendly. If the time reaches the limit, it will immediately display, but the app will not close immediately from the multiplex background. Of course, this is also an option for accommodation. Click “Ignore Limit”. Thus, users do not need to worry that their apps automatically close when they are using it, such as gaming or typing message.

Time limit

Besides, there will be an option to “Remind me after 15 minutes” and “Ignore restrictions today”. The former is a limit of 15 minutes, while no restrictions for the latter, but the users should be careful. After all, the final setting still depends on users’habit. This is because the habit and the function is only a subsidy for the user to manage the time. These iPhone screen time functions will be simply pointless if the users don’t restrict themselves.

Time limit warning

Whether it is extending or ignoring the restrictions, it is necessary to enter a limit password to be able to extend. For parents who want to control the time when the child uses the phone, this function is the most effective way to limit the child’s function.

Screen Usage Time: App Restrictions

If you don’t want to disable all third-party apps, but limit them to one of the social or communication software. You should use “App restrictions” in screen time control.

Add limit for apps

This is not directly set through the “App Limit”, but to the screen usage time statistics. Find the “most frequently used” list of apps, find the App you want to limit from the list. In this case, we use Facebook as an example.

Apps usage

Then click “Add Limit”.

Setting app limit for apps

The system will ask how long you need to set a limit for Facebook. Let say you can only use 1 hour a day. After setting it, click “Add” to set it separately for an app.

iPhone Screen Usage Time: Always Allowed

Assuming that some apps don’t want to be restricted, users can still use them during downtime. User can add these apps to the white list through the “Always Allow” list. Through this, apps in white list will not be in restricted use.

Always allowed some apps

Screen Usage Time: parental Control mode

Some of the parents might give their old iPhone to children. At the same time worrying about their children’s academic performance might go downhill due be misusing of iPhone such as online purchasing without limit and watching videos all night. However, the iOS 12 has already improved the parental control mode to the extent that parents do not need to worry so much.

Assume that you want to use the iOS 11 system to understand the detailed settings of the access restriction function, you can read the tutorial below.

In previous iOS, iOS 11 was limited by the “access restriction” function. However, iOS has integrated this feature into the screen usage time function, which has improved parental control.

Parental control in iOS 12
Adding family member's Apple ID

Children’s device should have a new Apple ID account so that parents can add their Apple IDs to the family sharing account.

In this way, parents can control the child’s Apple ID through the iCloud cloud. Moreover, they can use the “screen time” to check which websites the children most often browse and how long they spend on which apps, all of which can be monitored at one time. It is possible to specify which time point to use the App, which is a very useful feature for parents.


iOS 12 has spent a lot of time to combine the original “restricted access” and “app power consumption statistics” into a new “screen usage time” function. It directly changed the user tracking statistics usage that was not so eye-catching to a comparable beautiful data statistic. The iOS 12 “screen usage time” function is also very clever. It is indeed able to get rid of the user’s mobile addiction and reduce the time of using the mobile phone on meaningless entertainment. The original intention of buying the iPhone is to help the users to learn thing efficiently and increase users’ life quality at the same time, instead of wasting time on LINE and Facebook.

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