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Why Your iPhone’s Battery Life is Getting Lower?

Why Your iPhone’s Battery Life is Getting Lower?

Mobile phones are indispensable electronic products for people in today’s society. They have become a part of our body to some extent. Think about our day’s life: calling, chatting through social media, viewing friends’ status and taking pictures. We will slowly discover that the newly bought iPhone’s battery life can still sustain a day in the normal use of the process with one-time complete charge, but then slowly, it increases from two times a day, three times a day … … until we need to keep a charger with us throughout the day. It seems like this little handheld device is controlling our life.

If this is the case in your life, check your phone to see what is going on.

The battery loss is large, and the number of cycles is high

Many iPhone users reported that the iPhone’s battery life is getting lower without reason. Our engineers found that a large part of the reason was caused by the aging of the iPhone battery. The detection method is very simple and we only need to use a software “iBackupBot for iTunes” to check.

First, install the software and let the PC connect your iPhone, the software will automatically recognize your phone. Then, click the “more information” option, a window will pop up, the first message displayed in the window is your battery information:

Cyclecount represents the number of cycles of the battery;

Designcapacity represents the design capacity of the battery;

Fullchargecapacity represents the current total capacity.

For a normal iPhone, when the battery cycle is about 400~500 times, the battery life will drop significantly. When you find that the battery cycle is too high, or the current total capacity is much lower than the design capacity, it means that your battery loss is quite powerful. At this time, you need to replace the battery to ensure normal use.

The phone has leakage in battery

Of course, the iPhone’s high power consumption is not completely a problem of the battery itself. I believe many iPhone users have had similar experiences. They have just changed the battery, but the iPhone’s battery life is still low. This is most likely due to a leak in the iPhone motherboard. As for how to judge whether the motherboard is leaking, this is also very simple, simply follow the steps below to operate!

1. Clear all background programs;

2. Open your iPhone and go to Settings > General > Background Application Refresh, and turn it off;

Clear all background programs
Clear all background programs
Clear all background programs

3. In the settings – privacy – location services – system services, turn off all system services

Clear all background programs
Clear all background programs

Insert the SIM card in the iPhone and then the phone is locked and is left for a period of time for testing.

After setting the above items, the normal power consumption data of the mobile phone card for one hour under normal conditions is as follows:

The decreased percentage for different iPhone Models

(There may be slight deviation between different mobile phones)

After the above settings and tests, if your iPhone still consumes more power and the rear phone case has a slight heat, then the motherboard is very likely to have leakage.

The fault of the main board leakage is still relatively complicated. The equipment must be sent to a professional repair shop for testing and maintenance if the individual does not have professional knowledge and professional equipment.

Our engineers often encounter the above two situations when they are repairing the iPhone. You can check it yourself as described above if you feel that your iPhone is experiencing particularly fast power consumption, you can check it yourself as described above.

Daily use precautions

What I said above is the solution for the situation where iPhone has begun to face high power consumption problem. However, if there is a good habit in the daily use process, it will greatly extend the iPhone’s battery life.

The iPhone battery uses a lithium polymer battery, so there is no memory effect. You don’t need to charge and discharge thoroughly every time. The is a misleading concept from the users who are familiar with old time Nickel batter.

After each charge and discharge cycle, the lithium battery will reduce a little and will keep on reducing to 80% of the total capacity after about 400 charge and discharge cycles. The one charge and discharge cycle we refer to means completely charged and used up. In order words, if you use 20% of the electricity to be full, by repeating the charge and discharge cycle 5 times is considered as 1 charge and discharge cycle.

As long as you use the official power cable of the apple, it will become a direct power mode when it is full and there is no problem with the iPhone overcharge. The charging process of the lithium battery is that the first 80% can be completed by fast charging for 2 hours and the latter 20% is also required to be continuously recharged for 2 hours. This is normal, and you don’t have to worry about it;

Try to use the iPhone power-saving APP and battery maintenance app as little as possible. Most of the apps running in the background will generate higher power consumption. The advertised performance of such apps are much higher than the actual results.

Do not work long hours in high temperature or low temperature because extreme temperature is likely to cause aging of electronic components, lithium ion deactivation is a small matter, but working in high temperature is likely to cause battery explosion.

The correct charging method

Whatever you do, remember that DO NOT OVERCHARGED !

This is the best way to keep the battery active. It can make the life of the lithium battery longer and the light charge and discharge will achieve the best effect. Try not to start charging when the battery is low and don’t start it after it is automatically shut down. According to Apple, the number of battery cycles is approximately 500 times and using iPhone in normal conditions can almost guarantee perfect use for 2 years.

Finally, we must remind you that you must use a quality-assured charger to charge. An unstable current will greatly damage the life of electronic components. In particular, some low quality third-party chargers will not only damage the battery but also bring certain unexpected security issues and even explosion.

If you have discovered that your iPhone is starting to consume high power with normal usage, you should seek help from repair shop.

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