Advanced Phone Repair Course Overview

Join iFull Advanced 3 months Phone Repair Course that will teach you A to Z of phone repair of all major brands. With this course, you can solve 99.9% of the issues that most consumers are facing such as the normal screen, battery or hardware replacement, water damage, circuit, micro-soldering, glass refurbished and such you need to get your business started!

No previous experience needed! Whether you’re currently a student, have a full-time job or have never disassembled a mobile device, you will build and master your technical skills upon completion of the course.

In addition, after completing this express phone repairing course, you can easily make a career in repairing and servicing, either by working as a technician at our platform or starting your own mobile phone repair business. Even if it is not, you can learn this as a hobby and repair your own phones for HUGE savings.

Class location : Kepong (Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia)

What Will You Learn

  • Understanding of function, parts, and structure of iPhone
  • Understanding of function, parts, and structure of iPhone
  • Troubleshooting of problems
  • iPhone dissemble demonstration & hands-on training
  • Hardware replacement from iPhone 5 to X demonstration & hands-on training
  • How to use various tools and equipments
  • Jumper techniques
  • Unlocking of various handsets
  • How to solder and desolder
  • Study of circuit diagrams of various models
  • Replacing of ICs
  • Glass Refurbished
  • iPhone software tutorial
  • and many more, almost everything of a phone

Why Us

  • 12 years experienced in the industry
  • Phone repair specialist
  • Hands-on training with real working iPhone
  • Part time / Full time job opportunity with us
  • Small class size of maximum 6 person
  • Certificate granted upon course completion
  • Technical support provided after course completion
  • Handbook included
  • Well maintained lab with latest tools and equipment
  • Comprehensive in-depth syllabus


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This class is an on-going basis as per personal needs.

Contact us for details.

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