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How the Iphone X Changed the Future of Technology

How the Iphone X Changed the Future of Technology

The iPhone X changed the future of technology is a topic that is highly discussed by many due to the unique features of the iPhone. It has made smartphone users want to switch to the iPhone X from their current smartphones. The iPhone X was released on the 3rd of November 2017 however, it was announced on the 12th of September. It was intended to introduce their first bezel-less design and wireless charging iPhone. The home button was replaced with a new method of password authentication. This password authentication is the new Face ID. It scans the users’ face to unlock as well as use ‘animojis’.  This article discusses how the iPhone X changed the future of technology.

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Why the iPhone X is Different Compared to Other Models

The iPhone X is fully capable of solving many problems that previous models could not before. Developers of the iPhone X have created such a powerful device that it stunned the whole world with its new and elevated features. Because of how well the iPhone X is working, it becomes a high standard that other models are expected to beat and become the norm of. However, competitors will start thinking better and heighten their own devices by referring to what Apple’s developers have created with their iPhone X model.

Who Does the Iphone X Exist For?

The iPhone X is highly complex for a smartphone and smartphone users expect complex features to match their complex lives. Smartphone users nowadays always need to have the right smartphone that matches their needs for their everyday use. Everyday activities and work are much more complex, it means that as technology develops, it is needed for users to have more advanced technology to do some jobs for them. “Older” methods of technology may not be enough to complete some of their tasks.

With the iPhone X, it has better developed software and apps that allow their users who need advanced technology to have their tasks done and their issues resolved. Hence,with high security especially with their new of biometric ID, it becomes intensely unique compared to its competitors. The iPhone X has many unique features and has a much more composite design compared to their previous models. They have much more expansions of memory for users that need the space. Along with the different colors of the models that attracts and entices their users depending on which they like best based on physicality. The disappearance of the home button as well is new and although they are not the first to do so, it is their first iPhone model that has wider OLED display which is a first.

In addition, There are also the dual cameras that can be found at the back of the iPhone X that is the first of their iPhone models. The dual cameras are protected and safe from water and dust.

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IPhone X’s Features that Changed Technology

The use of biometric ID on the iPhone X and them being the first to have fast face recognition is a complete change of pace. besides,by the use of the biometric ID, the face recognition, it tells us that our future in the security of our devices will not only rely on 1 layer of security flag but with multiple layers of protection. Besides,It is argued that it may not entirely be safe as many people can show pictures of the owner’s phone however, the face recognition feature is not entirely easy to crack.

The use of powerful computing interfaces – introduced new creative evolution, application design and methods of communication with ‘AR’ and ‘Animoji’. In other words, the use of their technological evolution becomes a benchmark for potential technology to be produced in the future to refer to. This means new technology could be made by referring to what Apple has done and be elevated to better technology. Currently, the iPhone X is able to sense their users’ movements and identify their faces with ease. There will be much more fluid technology that can respond as fast through gestures, voice and touch as well.

Is the iPhone X Worth It?

The price of the iPhone X is argued by users nowadays mentioning how the phone itself is on the higher range of smartphone prices that it is considered better to purchase a computer. However, the iPhone X itself is considered as able as a computer where it has many features already any other user is able to take advantage of. The iPhone X itself is able to perform like a computer can and has capabilities of a computer which is why many users are very astonished and have switched to iPhone ever since the release of it. Smartphone users currently trust Apple as a brand that can cater to their more advanced technological needs however, there will always be competitors that will try their best to do better. Competitors that try to offer more advanced features than Apple has. Nonetheless, Apple has brought the new technology that makes other competitors try to achieve the features they have as a standard.

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