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[Apple Tips] How to Check iPhone’s Country of Sale ?

[Apple Tips] How to Check iPhone’s Country of Sale ?

Apple is still considering as one of the popular brands despite the high price. Want to buy an iPhone from the non-authorized reseller for some saving but are afraid of the reliability and the source of the iPhone? Let us teach you on how to identify the iPhone’s country of sale.

Check iPhone’s Country of Sale

Step 1

▼ First query the device model, click “Settings” > “General” > “About ” > “Model”. From this example, you can see the model is “NKQN2VN/A ”.

iphone's country of sale ifull repair malaysia

Step 2

▼ Judging from this group of NKQN2VN/A, this is a set of codes mixed by information such as model, color, capacity, and place of sale.

Example: NKQN2VN/A; Explain as follows

“N” (code 1) + “KQQ2” (code 2) + “VN” (code 3) + “/A” (code 4)

Code 1: The original new machine is M, the new machine is F, the customized version is P, and the official machine is N.

Code 2: Display KQN2 is expressed as iPhone 6s, Silver 64G, detailed data can be clear for your mobile phone

Code 3: The sales area code, such as VN, means that the model is sold from Taiwan. Other codes can be queried through the table below.

Country Area Code Country Area Code
China CH Hong Kong HK
Taiwan TA Arab AE
Japan J Korea KH
Philippines PP Singapore ZA
Australia X Malaysia MY
United Kingdom B Vietnam VN
Russia RS India HN
United States LL Canada C
Mexico E Brazil BZ
Argentina LE Jamaica ZQ
Chile LZ Indonesia IF
France F Lithuania LT
Austria FD Norway KS
Greece GR Sweden KS
Portugal PO Estonia EE
Romania RR Egypt AB
Reunion island FB Panama LA
Germany D South Africa SO
Turkey TU Croatia CR
Slovakia SL Czech republic CZ
Latvia LV Spain MM
Bulgaria GB Hungary MG
Israel HB Poland LP
Italy T New Zealand NZ

Code 4: It will be divided into /A and /B. The original iOS version is “/A”. If it is not sold yet, it will be changed to “/B” again.

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