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Huawei Processor: 4 Major Factors that Affect the Processing Speed

Huawei Processor: 4 Major Factors that Affect the Processing Speed

In this technology era, every smartphone users will hope that the processing speed of smartphone stays fast forever. It is crucial as it affects the daily routine of every people. Now, try to imagine that you are still playing games and someone calls you suddenly. Then your phone lags and losses all the game data! That will definitely be a mood destroyer for the day. Luckily, we can see that Huawei is supplying smartphones such as Honor series with Huawei processor that hasproessor cheap price and relatively high performance. However, many Huawei users complaint that their phones will get slower and slower as time flies. This problem even exists among the high-end Huawei Smartpone. So what are the major reasons that cause this issue?

Processor Chip

As we all know that the fundamental factor that determine the processing speed is the processor of smartphone. Huawei is usually equipped with their own processor which is Hisilison Kirin series. For the latest and fastest processor that Huawei has now will be the HIsilicon Kirin 990 with 7nm manufacture process. The 7nm means that the processor can process data faster with lower energy loss. Generally, it provides higher processing speed and high energy efficiency. Besides, the Kirin 700 series is considered as cheap and relatively high performance in the price range. However, prolong usage of processor in high c,lock speed will wear out the processor quicker than usual. This is common among the gamer as they set every game settings as high as possible. Thus, the processing speed will continuously decrease and will turn lagging in few years or even few months in extreme case.

Memory Type

Memory type of Huawei Smartphone will also affect the processing speed. Earlier smartphones used eMMC type memory. While most of the latest flagship Huawei phones are already using UFS (Universal Flash Storage), either UFS 2.0, 2.1, or 3.0. UFS 3.0 is capable of moving data at a speed of 23Gbps, which is 2 times that of UFS 2.1. Therefore, fonts that use UFS type memory are phones that dominate speed and performance. The video below shows how to check the storage type of the Huawei P10 as example.

How to check if your Huawei P10 storage type


RAM is not everything to make sure a phone stays fast. On the other hand, having a good amount of RAM is the best way to make the phone fast, efficient, and optimal. For example, heavy users will use about 5GB of RAM. As such, 6GB of RAM is sufficient to keep the phones in top-performing condition. Other than that, we know that Android phone required more RAM than iPhone needs. This is because Android enables users to keep many apps active in the background which is not possible for old iPhone series with low RAM.

For Huawei smartphone, we can see that there is at least 2GB of RAM in the phone for price starting from RM600 such as the Honor X series. If users did not clean the apps in the background, there will be less and less room to process data. eventually the phones start lagging when RAM is not enough.

Software and Applications

FOTA update for Huawei smartphone

The last factor will be the applications in the smartphone. Software plays a vital role in making a smartphone stays fast. It is a software that optimizes battery usage, manages RAM usage, and controls current and background processes. Huawei constantly pushes update for Huawei users to optimize the operating system (OS). For old generations that stop receiving update, the phone will becomes slower as the applications in play store keeps updating. Tere will be no optimization for the latest apps in the play store. This in turn will cause the processor needs high clock speed to process the applications before users start using the apps. Other than that, users might face apps stop responding issue if the system update stops.

Theses are the major factors that slow your Huawei smartphone processing speed. If you are considering a repair and want inquire for this, kindly visit our Facebook page and website for more information.

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