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[Apple tips] Watch Free Drama & Movies on Your iPhone & iPad

[Apple tips] Watch Free Drama & Movies on Your iPhone & iPad

FoxyPlayer is one application that definitely not to be miss. It might look like a player, but it has a lot of movies, TV shows, variety shows, anime, and live movies. These videos are completely free to watch. Update frequently, the most important thing is that the movie or HD and fast loading as well.

iPhone FoxyPlayer Money Saving Video Streaming Application

FoxyPlayer is a simple player on the App Store page. However, when you open the app, you will find that the entire app will sneak into the Gimy TV  page directly. It is estimated that developers don’t want to be too swaying?

iphone foxy player malaysia

iPhone FoxyPlayer provides a large number of movies, many of which are the latest movies. There are many kinds of movies, including action, comedy, love, science fiction, and can be sort by the year.

In addition, there are also plenty of TV dramas, such as Lu drama, American drama, Korean drama, Hong Kong drama, Japanese TV drama, and Taiwanese drama. They can be found here. The dramas are like the big era, the female soldier diary, and the 20th. There are American dramas such as Flash, Green, and Walking Dead. , criminal psychology, etc.

Don’t be too disappointed to watch anime users. There are also a lot of animations available for you to watch online.

Also, this application comes with live broadcast function, which allows online viewing of live channels in China, such as CCTV, Hunan Satellite TV, Jiangxi Satellite TV, and Henan Satellite TV and more.

Feel free to test a movie, you can choose the source of the video and HD. Click to play and you will be able to watch online immediately.

iPhone FoxyPlayer

App Store download link

Finally, this is just a community sharing message. We must also remind you to respect the original copyright. Let’s stop wasting time looking for online videos.

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