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Samsung Smartphone Motherboard Failure

Samsung Smartphone Motherboard Failure

Comparing to screen and battery, Samsung smartphone motherboard failure is the most severe issue. This is because motherboard acts like a brain of a human. Once it is malfunctioning, a lot of features cannot be used on your Samsung smartphone. This article will introduce to you the reasons and symptom of motherboard failure.

Samsung motherboard

Reasons of Samsung Smartphone Motherboard Failure

1. Water Ingress

This is one of the main reason of causing motherboard failure. as it has impacts on the lithium battery, cable and other electronic parts inside the casing. Furthermore, it will cause battery expansion, short circuit and causes your Samsung functions abnormally. The Samsung motherboard is full of chips of modules, so the water inlet may cause short circuit when electricity is running inside the motherboard. To minimize the effect of water inlet, you should shut down your Samsung smart phone immediately. Do not shake your phone to drain water out, it won’;t work in most cases. It is recommended to dry your phone and sent it to repair shop as soon as possible.

2. Wreck or careless maintenance

Once your Samsung smartphone accidentally falls on hard surface, it may experience motherboard failure other than just screen cracking depending on the severity. Beside external factors, careless maintenance could also cause motherboard failure. For instance, when replacing the battery, wrong angle of force applied would tear off the solder joint between the battery connector and the motherboard. In particular, you should handle battery replacement with care.. Please note that you should not replace battery by yourself if you are not professional.

Samsung screen broken

If your Samsung Smartphone needs maintenance, you should contact professionals or repair shop to dismantle for you. This will greatly reduce the cost and risk of unnecessary troubles and repairs in the future.

Symptom of Samsung Smartphone Motherboard Failure

1. Certain features cannot run normally

WiFi or Bluetooth

When you find out that even though you have turn on WiFi or bluetooth, you are not able to connect, or the connection always shows “connecting”.

Samsung WiFi malfucntion

Proximity Sensor

When this happens, your Samsung smartphone will not turn off screen automatically when you are calling someone and place it close to your ear. This shows that your proximity sensor is broken.

Samsung S10 Specifications
Samsung Proximity Sensor
Samsung Proximity Sensor


Your Samsung smartphone is not charged when it connects with charging cable. This might be due to Integrated Circuit failure on the motherboard for charging control. Other than this, battery leakage will occur. If the repair shop identifies that there is nothing wrong with the charging port, you should replace the motherboard in recommendation.

Samsung not charging

SIM card

The notification panel on top of the Samsung smartphone does not display the SIM card service provider after you have inserted the SIM card inside. This also induces that the motherboard has problem.

Samsung Sim card detection error

2. Anomalies occur

Increase Temperature

When the battery is in a high-voltage state, or when it is performing more energy-consuming functions such as games and movies, the battery temperature will rise. This is due to severe lithium ion chemical reaction inside the battery that cause exothermic reaction, which is a normal phenomena. However, if the Samsung smartphone temperature rise in slightly usage constantly, it is probably due to motherboard problem.

Samsung over heat

If there is dirt and dust in the motherboard connection cable, it may interfere with the screen display. In addition, if the display integrated circuit is not working properly, the screen may shows abnormal vertical or horizontal white lines, flickering or abnormal colour display. You should send it to repair shop or professionals once you notice these symptoms. Usually, the motherboard will be cleaned if the condition is not severe. However, if other functions fail, you should consider to replace the motherboard.

Samsung screen flickering and white lines

The above are the reasons and symptoms that may occur if your Samsung smartphone has motherboard failure. Please do not ignore this important signal and send to repair shop as soon as possible to avoid

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